Andrew tells Summer he still loves her

Summer is concerned when she can’t get hold of Andrew, who’s at the gym, running out his frustration. Meanwhile, Tash is home, ripping up all the photos she has of Summer and Andrew together. At home, Andrew gets freaked out when he starts asking Declan questions about looking after India. Tash realises her plan has backfired when Andrew tells her he wants to keep the baby and raise it as a couple. Summer is upset when Andrew explains that he’s standing by Tash and he and Summer can’t be together.

When Tash asks Summer to come over, she’s worried and wonders what Tash wants to talk about. Nothing could prepare her for Tash’s announcement; that she’s pregnant with Andrew’s baby. Summer heads straight round to see Andrew about what she’s just found out and tells him she should never have trusted him. Andrew tells her it doesn’t change how he feels about Summer.

At the car yard, Lou is disappointed when Kyle fails to make any sales. Toadie encourages Lou to teach Kyle and to trust him but Lou keeps interrupting his sales and they come to blows, with Kyle quitting. When a customer returns saying she’ll only buy the car from Kyle, Lou is lost for words. Lou asks Kyle back, but Kyle has some conditions.

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