Andrew Treneman returns to Waterloo Road

Waterloo Road Comprehensive is the scene for more extra-curricular drama when former deputy head Andrew Treneman returns from Rwanda to thrash things out with his ex, head of pastoral care, Kim Campbell.

Kim hasn’t got much fight left in her, though, since baby Grace was taken from her. Andrew wants to know what possessed her to do what she did and a defeated Kim has very little to offer by way of explanation. Before long, they’re arguing over a relationship that has very little left in it.

Kim also has to turn her attention to the school’s fundraising event that she has organised. Without her knowledge, school canteen worker Rose Kelly and school chef Candice are preparing the food for the even using meat that’s past its sell-by date. Is it just a coincidence, then, when members of the school fall ill?

Trouble also reveals itself in the shape of Rose’s eldest son, Marley, who wants to be reunited with his former girlfriend, Flick Mellor. But her father, school governor Ralph, is convinced Marley is a bad influence on his little girl. He doesn’t want the lad near his daughter and turns violent.

Flick is shocked by his actions but her desperate dad pleads with her stay away from the schoolboy. Will she stay or will she go?