Andrew tries to make amends

Andrew sees how much the loss of Summer’s friendship is affecting Harry and decides they need to work together to show her how sorry they are. They work hard to create the perfect gesture of friendship, and Summer’s touched. But Natasha’s jealous and decides to sabotage their efforts.

Kate’s shaken by her experience at the club and is determined to find a proper dance gig. Kate asks Rebecca if she can dance at her business lunch but Rebecca isn’t keen However, Kate sweet talks Rebecca into it.

After the dance, Rebecca comes over and hugs Kate before introducing her to one of her guests – Judy, who’d like a chat to Kate later on about doing some work for her at corporate events. Kate is over the moon until Judy makes it clear that she just wants her, not the other girls or Terry.

Andrew catches up with Summer in the classroom and explains that Natasha is just jealous of their friendship. As Andrew tells Summer to talk to Harry, Tash appears and tells Summer not to believe what he’s saying. Summer loses her rag and pushes Natasha back against the desk. When Principle Michael rushes into the classroom after hearing the noise he demands to know what is going on.

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