Andrew tries to make Summer jealous

Tash is not happy when she hears from Chris that Andrew kissed Lisa, while Summer is at home, trying to hide her tears from Lyn. Lisa finds Andrew in Harold’s and tells him she knows he only kissed her to make Summer jealous. She admits she was happy to help, but it can’t look like she’s been ditched at her own party so Andrew agrees to keep the pretence up for the rest of the party. Summer heads back to the party but can’t take much more of Andrew and Lisa pashing. When Tash shows up, Summer is relieved and together the girls get their own back on Lisa.

When Mark sees Kyle chatting to Kate about his car sale, he steps in and starts questioning Kyle’s sales technique and whether Lou knows about this sale. Later, at the car yard, Kyle’s paid a visit by a police officer. At first he thinks Mark sent him down, but it turns out the officer wants to do a deal with Kyle; he’ll provide security for the sale for cash in return.

When Kyle tells him to shove it, the officer roughs him up and threatens to damage all his stock. Frustrated, Kyle rips all the sale posters down. However, this doesn’t stop the cop from bullying Kyle, forcing him into agreeing to his deal. Kyle confides in Mark, but he struggles to believe him.

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