Andrew tries to protect Summer

Andrew works hard to secure his business with Red Cotton and tells Griffin that he’s close to securing a recording deal, but he’s hit for six when he catches Griffin kissing another girl. When confronted, Griffin insists Summer is OK with their relationship being ‘open’. However, when Chris reveals that Summer is taking her new relationship seriously, Andrew tells Griffin to stop mucking around or he’ll dump Red Cotton. Griffin calls his bluff and Andrew drops the band.

Sheila panics Kate when she suggests they look at Kyle’s books and while she manages to keep Sheila off the scent, Kate decides to pay the missing $8,000 into Kyle’s accounts immediately. Lou is concerned, assuring Kate that his latest plan to raise funds will work, but Kate tells him it’s only a loan. Now he owes her instead.

The Right Prescription prepares for its upcoming gig but Karl’s creative differences with Ajay continue. Eventually, the constant bickering is too much for Adrian who walks out and quits the band.