Donna’s excitement over her upcoming wedding will not be dampened, even when she encounters the expected opposition from her dad Nick. But it turns out Nick’s not the only one who is opposed to the wedding – Andrew Robinson has a hidden agenda and wages a subtle campaign to put Donna off, which escalates into deliberate sabotage. Will he succeed in derailing the wedding? And what is he playing at?

Under pressure to find gigs for her dance troupe, Kate accepts a booking from Libby and Toadie to hold a dance class party for the kids. Candace and the other dancers refuse to take part in it, believing kids’ parties are beneath them. Kate soldiers on alone. Having second thoughts, Candace joins in and the party is a hit.

Inspired to find new outlets for her love of dance, Candace suggests that they take their show on the road with a tour of suburban shopping malls. It’s good solid work but there’s a catch: Kate has a crucial teaching placement coming up and she can’t do both. Which dream will Kate pursue: dancing or teaching?

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