Andrew warns Summer about Griffin

Andrew tries to warn Summer about Griffin’s two-timing but she refuses to hear him out, preferring to believe Griffin when he says Andrew had lied about getting a recording deal. Later, when Summer and Griffin meet, however, she notices a text he’s received from another girl and the truth comes out. Griffin is unceremoniously dumped.

Meanwhile, Andrew concentrates on business and The Right Prescription, but Karl and Ajay have bad news for him – they’ve lost their bass player and they’ve got a gig that afternoon. Andrew scrambles to find a replacement but is left with only one option – Sophie. She refuses but eventually comes round, revealing that Summer had changed her mind. She’d realised what Andrew had done for her and returned the favour.

Rani meets the new owner of number 32 and encourages Callum to pay a visit but Toadie quickly realises who the incumbent is – it’s Troy, Callum’s dangerous biological father!

And Lou continues with his latest money-spinner as a gentleman escort, but Kate is not impressed with his moves and coaches him into improving his performance, eventually securing his first booking for him.