Andrew’s determined to sell the app (Video)

Against Tash’s wishes, Andrew decides to go ahead with the sale of the app but soon learns he can’t seal the deal without her signature on the contract. He tries to persuade her but without any success and it seems the deal is off. Then Andrew has an idea: seizing an opportunity to copy Tash’s signature, he forge’s the document and sells the app without her approval…

Jade is over the moon when she learns that her Singles Boot Camp idea has been bought and when Kyle learns of her success he plans a surprise party, while giving all the credit to Rhys and Vanessa. The party’s a great success, though Kyle makes himself scarce and gets back to work, but Jade soon sees through Rhys’s cover story and learns that Kyle is behind it all. She’s asked out by one of her clients, now that she’s single, but turns him down in a text in which she admits to still having feelings for Kyle… and accidentally sends it to her ex!