With Summer desperate to impress Paul at the paper, she is on the look out for a story to write an article on. When she finds out about Sonya helping the kids to grow their own veggies, she decides to make that her focus. However, Andrew is getting sick of coming second to Summer’s constant studying and the internship. Deciding not to let it get in between them, Andrew helps Summer by bringing one of Paul’s photographers down to take some photos for her article.

When Susan calls Karl, telling him she’s on her way back from Billy’s early, Karl seems disappointed. Once she’s home, things seem tense and they both comment on how little the other called while they were apart. Finally, about to get some time together, Karl’s disappointed when Summer arrives home and Susan’s instantly distracted.

Kate freaks out when she finds all Mark’s things in the trash and Jade wonders what the big deal is. Kyle plays it down so Jade doesn’t figure out what’s really going on with Mark, and that Mark didn’t really have a choice about leaving. He tells Kate she needs to get a grip for Mark’s sake so no one finds out about what really happened. Later, clearing out Mark’s things, Kate finds his passport with contact details for his parents.

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