Andrew’s illness takes its toll on Tash

Andrew is under pressure and Tash volunteers to help with the Melbourne Cup celebrations at Charlie’s. She gets into the swing of things and even manages to impress Paul with her jockey outfit but Andrew suffers a fit out of view of the customers and Tash is scared and powerless to help.

When Andrew comes to, Tash pushes him to get proper treatment for his condition but, as usual, Andrew refuses. Tash seeks advice from Aidan who makes Andrew understand the impact his actions are having on her. Realising his drugs aren’t working, Andrew reluctantly agrees to get the hospital tests but Paul must know nothing about it.

Ajay knows something is wrong and is hurt that Priya can’t tell him what the problem is. Meanwhile, Priya reassures Susan that she’ll work on her marriage and throws herself into preparations for the Diwali celebrations, surprising Rani and Ajay. The illusion is spoilt, however, when she receives a text from Paul requesting a liaison.

And Rani is excited about Diwali, especially when she gets a new sari but, when Harley seems disinterested, she downplays the event to impress her boyfriend.