Andrew’s offered a big money deal (VIDEO)

The sales from the app are not impressive but Andrew is confident things will improve. Then he receives an offer from a casino to buy the app for $25,000 and can’t wait to tell Tash the good news. After talking to Ed, however, she refuses to go ahead with the deal, believing the casino would just crush the app.

Andrew tells Paul, who thinks his son needs to take matters into his own hands, and when the casino doubles the offer Andrew needs to make a decision – should he please his dad or honour his friend’s decision?

Toadie is still struggling to accept their handsome male doula, Alex, so Sonya pushes them to get to know each other over a drink. Toadie remains threatened by the birthing assistant’s good looks until Alex suggests that he’s gay, dispelling Toadie’s worries. Later, however, Alex confesses to Sonya that he’s straight and had only wanted to put Toadie at ease.

And when Ed pays Tash a visit to congratulate her on turning down the offer for the app, he’s pleasantly surprised when Tash suggests they go out on a date.