Hannah and Denny agree to mend their broken hearts together and start by going out to dinner. However, things don’t quite go to plan when they bump into Charlotte and Andy. Later, Hannah decides she wants Andy back but as she makes her way to see him, she’s too late, as Andy and Charlotte make their fake relationship real.

Nate bumps into Ash and gives him a piece of his mind, telling the ex-con he needs to put aside his issues and be there for his sister.

Phoebe apologises to Denny again and asks if things could go back to normal and Denny agrees. As they eat together, Hannah has a brainwave and suggests that Kat and Phoebe move into the Farmhouse – an offer they accept immediately.

The next day, Ash visits Billie, but the pair end up arguing and Billie tells him a few home truths about his past. As Ash walks out, Billie writes a note that reads: ‘Ash lied. Brax is alive’ and leaves the hospital.