Poor little Sarah; she’s not been feeling well and no one knows why. She’s got to go to the hospital again and it’s Cameron who convinces the reluctant girl that it’s for the best. Andy’s not happy about that; Sarah is his daughter. He’s even less happy when the hospital tells him and Debbie that Sarah is seriously ill. Back in Emmerdale Andy’s choked with anger. He’s looking for someone to blame and makes Debbie his target.

Nikhil nearly chokes (or is it his tight shirt?) when Charity appears back in his home with Jai – and she’s wearing their grandma’s ring! Yes, they’re engaged to be married. But Cain’s heard the news, too, and he’s saying there won’t be a wedding.

Gennie has reluctantly agreed to go to a business lunch with Nikhil and soon wishes she hadn’t because Nikhil goes into a sulk when the lunch guests make it clear they were expecting Jai, not him. What did Gennie say to Nikhil a couple of weeks ago? Ah yes: “Maybe if you weren’t so far up yourself you’d be able to pull your head out for a second and see what’s going on around you”… including why people prefer doing business with the more professional Jai!