Feeling jealous of Josh and Brax’s relationship, Andy turns to Jake Pirovic who advises him to be patient and gives him a hefty sum of cash. At the gym, Casey sees Andy with the cash and confronts him over his dealing again. Jake encourages Andy to meet with Brax, saying that he’ll need to gain his trust. Andy meets with Brax and tells him, he needs his help to give up drug dealing.

Leah is riddled with embarrassment after telling Zac she has feelings for him. When she turns to Roo for advice, she pushes Leah to talk to him. Leah finally plucks up the courage to talk to Zac, where he admits he values their friendship too much to complicate things.

Evelyn is upset when she finds out that Josh spoke to Maddy about his problems with Andy, rather than her. When she shares her insecurities with Josh he tells her she’s creating problems and storms off. Later, Evelyn realises she is letting her paranoia get the better of her and apologises.