Nate is concerned that Hannah hasn’t told her family the truth about her condition. When Andy talks to Hannah about needing support from her family she pushes him away. Later, Denny arrives at the hospital and believes Andy has already walked out on Hannah, but Hannah says he asked him to leave and says she may never walk again.

Ricky overhears Brax on the phone to his lawyer and realises he is in serious trouble. Demanding answers, Brax tells Ricky the full story: he punched Dean and used the murder weapon – the shovel to dig up the money. Confused how Dean died, Ash, puts the clues together and realises Sam Kennedy – the barman with a grudge – is the murderer.

John sees Brax and Jett talking and tells Jett to stay away from the Braxtons. When John sees Ricky he offers a shoulder to cry on; Ricky admits Brax is in real trouble and John suggests to Marilyn and Jett they should move.