Andy and Rob are being watched

Andy and Rob put their heads together – how are they going to get the bag if they’re being watched? Andy has a suggestion – Karen can do it. Mrs Tembe is mystified by Karen’s behaviour when she suddenly ‘finds’ a bag during their walk and insists that she must jog home now and give it to Rob. The bag contains a sheaf of documents and a USB stick – finally, it looks like they’re getting somewhere! But Rob and Andy are unaware that Driver was tailing Karen and spotted her picking up the bag. 

Meanwhile, Niamh is still looking for something to distract Emma from her problems when Emma suggests speed walking. Niamh isn’t sure but Emma’s so keen, she feels obliged to get on board.

Also, Emma tells Heston the truth behind his vlog’s success, so he sits down and watches it for himself. Now he finally sees that he has been caught with his pants down – literally. He rings Al, desperate to take the vlog down but there’s no answer. Poor Heston puts his head in his hands and groans, humiliated.