Andy and Robert involved in deadly car smash

*First episode*

Determined to wipe each other off the face of the Earth, Andy and Robert Sugden are in their cars, revving their engines and preparing to smash into each other, head on. As they race towards each other, Robert swerves at the last minute and ploughs into a haystack while Andy stays on course and careers into a wall. Both men are in a bad way – will either of them survive?

Still furious about Mill Cottage, Nicola just won’t let it lie and is determined to take possession of her former home! After a barney with Jimmy, she starts lobbing new owner Priya’s stuff out of the window! Realising he’s going to have to dig deep to get out of this mess and back in Nicola’s good books, Jimmy gets plotting. Later, when Laurel fills in Nicola about what’s been going on since she’s been gone, Laurel confesses she’s now an alcoholic. Nicola then reveals the real reason she’s come home: she’s been deported!

With his memory issues now causing real problems, vicar Ashley takes to recording reminders in a notebook to try to keep on track.