Andy and Robert share a moment…

As the Sugdens gather for a memorial service for their mum, Sarah, Robert is saddened to hear that his brother Andy still blames himself for her death, while Victoria’s pleased to see her brothers share a moment. But as they pay their respects at Sarah’s grave, the solemn moment is interrupted when Chrissie gets a call from Lawrence saying he’s having a heart attack!

When the police question him about Rachel’s whereabouts, Jai panics and lies that she brought Archie to him. Ali, however, just doesn’t buy it and as she fumes her behaviour almost gets her arrested! Later, however, it looks like Ali’s instinct is right when Rakesh reads a newspaper article about the discovery of a woman’s body and wonders if Jai could be involved. Has Jai got rid of Rachel?

Meanwhile, Debbie’s gutted when Sarah says she wants to stay with Andy and the Dingles set up CCTV to protect Belle.