Andy asks Jo to marry him – again

Andy is paranoid when one of the prison lags jokes that Jo will find herself another man now that he’s been banged up. Andy calls Jo and tells her that he wants them to get married in prison. Jo pretends to be happy, but she is less than chuffed!

Sam accuses Lisa of calling social services but Duke admits that it was Terry. Lisa urges Zak to make Sam see sense and get him to move back in before the whole village turns against him. Social worker Liz tells Lisa and Zak that they should apply for custody of Samson to stop him being taken into care. Zak is left wondering what to say to Sam.

Donna still feels that no one takes her seriously as a police officer and when a jumpy Val lights up in the pub she tells her to stub it out. Val refuses and Donna grabs the cigarette, but Val lights another one and she and Donna end up in an altercation. Donna arrests Val for assaulting a police officer. An angry Val gets her own back by telling Marlon that she’s cutting his shifts to pay for her fine.

Also, Jack offers Jake some work at the farm.