Andy attacks Jo and Sam

Andy surprises Jo by arriving home early from his break and when Sam turns up for lunch she tells him they have to cancel. Jo is horrified when Sam moves in for a kiss and a mortified Sam runs away. Andy sees Sam disappearing and accuses Jo of telling Sam about their troubles. Andy gives Jo another beating and follows it up by beating up Sam. A guilty Andy tries to apologise, but she makes him sleep on the sofa.

Jake reveals to Debbie that he and Daz stole the Kings’ van and have a lot of loot to show for it. Jasmine’s reservations about selling the Kings’ goods are muted when Debbie tells her that it would save her putting up the rent. The three of them head to the crash site to strip the valuables and sell them on.

Matthew and Jimmy worry about the missing van and its contents and agree to keep their eye on the villagers. Meanwhile, when Lily tries to sell an electric razor to Paddy, Chas forces her to confess about the van and it’s not long before the Dingles are heading off to claim their share of the loot.

Also, Jimmy is regretful after his night of passion with Roberta.