Andy attacks Jo

Jo drops Sarah with Debbie whilst Andy is seeing his solicitor. A bad tempered Andy returns home after an unproductive meeting with his solicitors. Jo is alarmed when Andy decides to pick Sarah up from playgroup and she’s eventually forced to confess that Sarah is with Debbie. As Jo stands in Andy’s way, attempting to explain herself, he lashes out and knocks her to the ground.

Perdy is let out of her prison cell. When Gray discovers this, he reveals to Katie that he’s going to file for a restraining order. Jonny meets Perdy at the station and tries to defend Paul’s fling with Gray. Perdy has returns to the village but decides she needs to get away.

Daz and Scarlet prepare for their date. However things become awkward when Jimmy insists on driving her to Daz’s and waiting outside in the car. The teenagers start to snog but Scarlett can’t relax with Jimmy right outside. Lexi convinces Jimmy to leave them alone and go to the pub and texts Scarlet, who leads Daz upstairs. Jimmy grows suspicious and heads back to the house, just in time to see Daz closing the bedroom curtains. Jimmy drags Scarlett home.

Also, the social worker is pleased with Sam’s progress.