Andy can’t cope with Josh’s condition

When Hannah arrives at the hospital, she finds Josh in a vegetative state. Upset that Josh isn’t communicating, Andy tells Hannah that maybe he should have turned the life support machine off, leaving Evelyn furious. Later, Andy and Josh are left alone and, as Andy struggles to cope with Josh’s condition, he doesn’t see the single tear slip from Josh’s eye.

Charlotte hits the roof when she’s served an eviction notice from Irene. When she confronts Irene, things get heated quickly and, when Olivia interrupts, Charlotte quickly turns on the teenager.

Charlotte takes her mind of her tenancy problems by sleeping with Kyle. The next morning, Charlotte seems in a better mood, until she crosses paths with Olivia and the two engage in a nasty war of words.

Hunter tells VJ it’s his own fault that Olivia doesn’t want to be around him. VJ knows Hunter is right and the next day he apologises to Olivia. She accepts, but things turn sour when Kat arrives wanting to question Olivia in relation to Charlotte’s apartment being vandalised.