The deal was that Andy and Debbie tell no one that they slept together. As far as everyone’s concerned, Debbie got pregnant with Andy’s sperm and a DIY IVF kit. But Debbie has already told Chas the truth about how she was so desperate to make a saviour sibling for Sarah that she seduced Andy. Now Andy’s head is all messed up and he can’t leave Debbie alone. Desperate to talk to someone, Andy tells Diane he slept with Debbie – and he thinks he’s in love with her! Uh-oh.

Nikhil thinks that now he and Jai are talking again he will move back into Jai’s house – the day after the wedding. That’s called the honeymoon period, Nikhil, and not many couples like to have it interrupted. Nikhil realises this when he walks in on the passionate newlyweds and he quickly retreats to Gennie’s house.

Sean puts his foot in it with his family, too. He’s checking out animal traps in the woods, hoping to put food on the table, but Sam hears him and nearly shoots him by mistake. Sean runs for his life and Sam confesses to Declan that he nearly shot the boy. Declan doesn’t blame Sam, though, he blames Sean and his family and tells them to pay the rent they owe or get out.