Debbie’s a Dingle so nothing in her life is ever going to be honest or uncomplicated. She has slept with Andy to create a saviour sibling for Sarah but, in doing that, she has created a huge problem. She hasn’t told Cameron she slept with Andy because Cameron wouldn’t be able to cope with that. So she has a secret – and she needs Andy to keep her secret. The trouble is, Andy wants more than sex – he wants Debbie. He promises Debbie he won’t tell, but it’s very telling that he can’t keep his hands off her as they speak!

Rodney’s keeping a secret, too. He took Carl’s penalty points for speeding on his driving licence. But now things have got more serious and Rodney, who had no work and nothing to do, is suddenly being kept very busy by the police. Carl’s hit a cyclist with his vehicle – and is blaming Rodney! Help!

Aaron needs help, too – to understand why Cain lied about who attacked him. Think about it, Aaron: this is twisted, perverted Cain and that should be explanation enough! But it’s not…