Andy disturbs his new neighbours

Debbie tells Diane that she doesn’t want Andy seeing Sarah alone. Cain has a word with Andy, but he’s unnerved by Andy’s strange behaviour. Andy goes ‘home’ to Butler’s and takes a short nap in the barn. The Barton family moves in and Moira Butler is startled when she finds Andy watching them. Andy breaks down when he remembers that the farm is no longer his home and John and Moira call Diane, who comes to collect him.

Viv spends the morning serving in the cafe, but she’s not sure she can face a larger group of people when Bob tells her he’s arranged to meet Terry and Brenda for a drink. Viv is relieved when The Woolpack is quiet and she eases herself back into her old life. Bob tells Terry he’s delighted to have Viv back and will be keeping his indiscretion with Gennie a secret.

Natasha tells Mark he’ll have to take over at the shop while she’s on her holiday. Mark is upset when Natasha belittles him in front of the shop staff and he realises that no amount of apologies will convince her to thaw towards him. Mark is glum about being stuck in the shop with Doug and Leyla while Natasha heads off on her hols.