Andy DOES want Alicia!

*Hour-long episode*

Andy tells Alicia what she wants to hear: he wants her back! Alicia goes to the hospital to support Andy and tells him she loves him. At that moment, though, all Andy can think about is Sarah who has been diagnosed with Fanconi anaemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. Andy’s devastated and later goes looking for Alicia. He needs her and she wants him, simple as that.

Marlon wants Laurel, but he’s not getting her. Trouble is, the chef with the spaghetti-like arms and legs has got himself all tangled up and some of the The Woolpack regulars have guessed that he’s smitten. That means his love life is on the table – and at the bar – for discussion. So he confesses to Rhona that he’s in love with a married woman! And it’s not Lisa Dingle! It’s not Val Pollard, either, or Nicola King. So, come on Rhona, think, woman! How many more married women are there in Emmerdale??? Well, Marlon did have that thing for Moira once. But he’s over that. Laurel tells him he has to get over her, too, when they meet up. But that’s not what Marlon wants to hear.

There’s nothing simple about the mess farmer John has got himself into – yet he thinks winding up Declan is a smart move. Think again, man!