Andy dumps Katie!

Andy’s temper is a cause for concern for Katie and Debbie after another angry outburst. The latest in the firing line being his daughter Sarah! After Debbie confronts him about shouting at their little girl, he decides to end things with Katie. Confiding in his sister, Victoria, a heartbroken Andy says he’s worried that he will end up hurting Katie, so he had to end things because he loves her too much to put her through that.

It’s all hands on deck as Rakesh moves in to his new home in the village and in an attempt to build bridges with Jai he asks him to help. Still against the idea of Rakesh and Priya getting hitched, Jai agrees but acts like a big kid by deliberately dropping a load of Rakesh’s stuff on the floor! Meanwhile, David is more than willing to help because he wants to get to know Rakesh better as he will be a big part of his daughter Amba’s life after the wedding.

Charity is desperate to make sure Declan doesn’t find out that there’s a big chunk of money missing from from the accounts. Cain blackmailed Charity into giving him £20,000 by threatening to tell her husband that she didn’t have a miscarriage but a termination, so she’s determined to keep it a secret. He may be loaded, but surely Declan will notice he’s down by 20 grand…