Andy escapes from jail?

Bianca hopes that Josh can help the integration of the two schools, while Montgomery mocks Leah’s attempts to reach out to Matt. Tensions are high between the students, and Matt accuses Josh of turning his back on Mangrove River. Before things can get violent, Andy intervenes, shoving Matt against a wall. Josh is shocked to see his brother out of jail, as Andy tells Josh it’s time to come home. Both Josh and Maddy have no idea that Andy is badly hurt from a wound sustained in jail.

Nate finds Andy injured and wants him to go to hospital. Andy rejects his help, but as his condition worsens Nate decides to call an ambulance.
Montgomery prompts Matt to start a fight with Josh to undermine Bianca’s attempts to unify the school. When a fire starts in the hallway of the high school, the obvious suspect is Matt. Leah reveals she saw Matt and Montgomery talking before the fire.

Jett and Nina have run away, however Jett can’t completely ignore his guilt over running away from John. John’s terribly disappointed in Jett for disappearing and putting him in this position with Nina’s parents. Jett takes Nina to hide out in the farm while John puts off going to the police because he’s worried DOCS will get involved.