Andy goes missing

Katie realises that there’s something seriously up with Andy when he thinks that she’s still his wife and is uninterested when she tells him that his sheep have an infection. Katie panics when Andy suggests borrowing money from Jack to go on holiday and she tells Diane. Paddy calls DEFRA about the animals and when Diane turns up to check on Andy he’s nowhere to be found.

Lexi takes a pregnancy test and is overjoyed to discover she’s pregnant. When Carl gets home from work an excited Lexi tells him the news. Carl feigns enthusiasm, but it’s clear he’s not happy about the prospect of being a dad again. Carl confesses to Jimmy that he’s not sure he wants another child, but Jimmy tries to get him to see things in a different light.

Pollard continues to struggle at the factory and has to send the staff home again as the work has dried up. Pollard has a meeting with a potential client, but it goes badly and he admits to Val that no one is interested in giving them any business. Pollard reveals that he hasn’t been solvent enough to pay their suppliers and the factory is on the brink of closure.