Andy has blood on his hands

Andy is devastated when he discovers Oscar has died. And when he learns that the explosion was caused by gas cylinders, he quickly realises he has blood on his hands. He finds Tank who is traumatised knowing he played a role Summer Bay’s latest tragedy – so Andy takes him to hospital to get help. At the hospital, the police try to question Tank about the incident, but Tori tells them to back off.

As Nate waits on Ricky to come out of surgery, he properly introduces himself to Tori. However, the polite introduction is brought to a halt when it’s revealed that surgeons had to remove Ricky’s womb to save her life.

Hannah is throwing herself into work, to cope with recent events, but it all becomes too much for her when she collapses at work. Overnight, Evelyn has a dream that Oscar is alive and the vision prompts her to visit Oscar’s corpse.

Also, Kat rings Charlotte King’s killer and demands a face-to-face meeting.