As understanding girlfriends go, Alicia’s doing a lot better than anyone might have expected. She’s usually very ‘me, me, me’ with a bit of son Jake mixed in if she’s feeling particularly motherly. But she’s stayed by Andy’s side when other women would have walked after hearing he was having another baby with his ex – no matter what the reason. Now Andy needs her support again as it looks like he’s not having the baby after all. The IVF clinic have told Andy and Debbie they won’t offer them treatment because there are big question marks over their relationship. So Debbie’s Plan B is shot down. Wonder if she has a Plan C to save Sarah…?

Jai and Charity’s plans for a smooth wedding hit a bump when Georgia and Rishi tell them they’ve been burgled and jewellery has been stolen from their bedroom. Tsk! Now what kind of crooked crook would do something like that? Yep, you’ve guessed right: him!

And there’s more Sharma family drama when Georgia gets stuck in at the toffee factory and picks on Nikhil. Gennie surprises herself by leaping to his defence… And she does it again when Nicky insults Nikhil. So she IS sweet on him!

*Second episode*

Debbie does have another plan to save Sarah! It’s DIY IVF treatment. She’s been on the internet and discovered that you can buy kits online and she’s getting one. Again, there’s no discussion with Andy – or Cameron – first. She just tells Andy that that’s what is happening. Andy can move back in with Alicia and Cameron can move back in with Debbie, but she and Andy are still having a saviour sibling for Sarah.

Gennie’s still leaving the toffee factory, but she’s not happy about Georgia packing up her belongings and taking over her job before she’s actually left. And, if she’s honest with herself, she’s not sure she wants to go. One thing’s for sure: Nikhil doesn’t want her to!

Ashley’s not at all sure about where he stands with Laurel. Does she want him or does she want Marlon? He needs to know and he doesn’t – not even after she agrees to go ahead and renew their vows. He wants to believe that she’s doing it because she believes in them, but he’s not convinced – and neither is Laurel.