Andy is beaten and left for dead!

Chrissie is furious when Andy fails to show for their date. But Bernice is convinced it’s completely out of character for the dependable farmer. Soon enough, the reason behind Andy’s no-show is explained when Moira finds Andy lying in a heap on the road, having been badly beaten! She calls an ambulance and Chrissie cradles her injured lover as they wait for the paramedics to arrive.

When Lawrence clocks his daughter clearly in distress about Andy, will he realise he’s made a terrible mistake?

Out for a drink with Robert, Aaron feels sidelined as his date harps on and on about his brother Andy having started seeing Chrissie. Aaron doesn’t particularly want to hear about Robert’s ex! Elsewhere, Chrissie becomes convinced Robert was behind Andy’s beating.

Jealousy starts to eat away at insecure Zak when he hears Joanie is going to be working in close proximity with Rishi who’s given her a job in the office at the factory.