Andy’s still suffering with his badly-injured arm and is hiding the fact that he’s in agony. But when the pain becomes so intense that he passes out, Andy’s forced to admit that his arm has got worse. C
oncerned, Katie takes him to hospital to get it checked out.
Back at home, Andy’s grateful for Katie’s help, so he thanks her with her a friendly hug which soon becomes a full-on snog! However, they are unaware they are being watched by Andy’s older lover Bernice.

invited Rakesh over to her place so they can get to know each other. Although the pair get on like a house on fire, the date is soured by the arrival of Jai, who isn’t best pleased to see who his sister is hooked up with. It turns out Rakesh is an old business acquaintance of Jai’s and they had a massive disagreement years ago. Has Jai
ruined Priya’s chances with Rakesh?

Donna wants 
talk to Ross so they can sort things out, but he doesn’t want to know. Determined to make him listen to what she has to say, Donna arrests Ross, bundles him into her police car and cuffs him to the steering wheel!
With no other option than to hear her out, Ross is surprised when Donna reveals she wants to be with him, but still insists they keep the relationship secret. Will Ross agree to a relationship on her terms?