Andy is sporting a shiner after his run-in with Daz and Katie warns him to sort himself out or risk losing everything. Katie visits Jo and to ask her if she will let Andy see his daughter, while Andy begs Daz to help him out. Daz takes an unsuspecting Jo and Sarah to The Woolpack, where Katie has helped Andy to organise a special nativity performance.

Andy is grateful for Katie’s help when Sarah is delighted by the performance. Andy misreads Katie’s kindness and kisses her, in front of an unseen Daz. Katie is horrified, but Andy gets angry when she pushes him away and calls her a tease. Katie is hurt by Andy’s coldness, while Daz is left in turmoil.

Lily is cagey around her friends when a letter arrives from the hospital. Meanwhile, Edna reveals that she has the cash to pay the factory workers their raffle money. Edna is scandalised when Lily takes the ladies out for drinks and racks up a bill on her credit card, while Rodney is concerned when Lily insists she’s not going ahead with her operation.

Also, Edna is annoyed with Brenda when she tries to buy TJ’s affection with sweets.