Andy loses the farm

Diane and Katie desperately search for a missing Andy and Diane finally finds him on top of some hay bales. Katie manages to coax him down, even though he doesn’t seem to know who she is, and Diane’s heart breaks when he asks to see Jack. Meanwhile, Paddy greets his contact from DEFRA, who reveals the farm will have to close and the poorly animals will be slaughtered. Diane vows to take care of Andy and she and Katie lead him away from the farm.

Lexi is over the moon about being pregnant, but Jimmy realises that Carl isn’t quite so convinced. Lexi arranges a baby-shopping trip with a typically under-whelmed Nicola. Carl does his best to summon some enthusiasm when he hears about the trip and Jimmy is pleased that he’s making an effort. When the girls return Lexi delights in showing off her purchases to Carl and he does his best to play up to Lexi’s excitement.

Lexi tells the worried factory workers that Pollard needs to make a redundancy and they agree to pull a name out of the hat. Pollard does the honours, but when he picks Lisa’s name he refuses to sack his best worker. Pollard chooses again and an absent Doug’s name comes up instead.