Andy makes his move on Roxy

Roxy falls for Andy's charms, but will it put her life in danger in EastEnders?

Andy learns from Ronnie that he’ll have to find somewhere else to live. In an attempt to cheer up Andy, Roxy suggests they go to Martin’s birthday drinks. A few drinks down the line, Roxy and Andy are getting closer and when they return home one thing leads to another. After Roxy backs off, Andy has to come up with another plan. When Ronnie asks him to look after the kids over the summer, he agrees, then buys a train ticket for one adult and three children…

Whitney panics when the doctor calls asking her to come in. Taking Lee with her, Whitney is stunned when she’s told she has Chlamydia. Although she’s reassured that they’ve caught it in time and there’s no danger to the baby. A guilty Lee lets Whitney shoulder the blame when she admits she had Chlamydia in the past but thought she had it sorted.

Kush invites Denise to Martin’s birthday drinks. When Carmel and Shakil join them, Kush hides his disappointment. As Kush and Denise struggle to resist each other, Denise tells Kush she needs to stop training with him. Keen to see her, Kush tells Denise he’ll be at the park on Monday if she wants to see him.