Andy is acting extremely odd due to his drug deals. When Cody pays Andy double for his last drug deal, Andy realises he has to stick it out the gym as a cover. When he goes back to the gym he bucks up his ideas, which soon impresses Casey, but makes Brax even more suspicious about his motives. Later, Andy meets Cody’s boss, Jake Pirovic, and its obvious there is big trouble to come.

Phoebe is offered a gig up the coast, but with her relationship with Kyle on thin ice, she decides to turn it down. When Denny offers to come with her she changes her mind, leaving Kyle unhappy, unaware that he clearly doesn’t trust his girlfriend.

Marilyn is concerned about forging a good relationship with Shandi. Roo and Irene tell her she should be less like herself – easier said than done. John reassures her that in time Shandi will come round.