Andy plans to leave the village

First Andy was ordered out of the church at the funeral, now he’s asked to leave when he turns up at Sarah’s school. He’s there for a school event, but the other parents clearly believe there’s no smoke without fire and don’t want Andy the arsonist anywhere near them. So much for ‘innocent until proved guilty’.

Not wanting his family to suffer because of him, Andy decides the best thing he can do is leave Emmerdale. Debbie says people will think he left because he’s guilty, but Andy doesn’t care – he’s reached breaking point.

Can you imagine how Andy would feel if he knew about Katie’s relationship with Henshall? This is the copper, remember, who had Ryan banged up for a murder he didn’t commit. Now it looks like he’s keen to get Andy behind bars. So it’s a good job Katie’s decided to keep quiet about her relationship with him.

Jackson’s been thinking a lot about his relationship with Aaron. Jackson loves him and feels they reconnect on an intimate level when Aaron gives him a massage. But Jackson knows there’s a limit to how intimate they can be and doesn’t want to tie Aaron down. He tries to push Aaron to have a night out, but Aaron resists…

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