Andy puts Alicia in her place – and it’s not with him!

It’s been clear for a while now that Andy and Alicia don’t want the same things. He’s determined to stay in Emmerdale to be near Sarah, who is very ill. At least, that’s the reason he’s given Alicia for cancelling the move to Spain. But Diane’s not so sure Sarah’s the only reason Andy wants to stay put. Neither’s Alicia and she asks Andy if he’s really committed to their relationship. Oooops, wrong move. Andy says he’s more committed to his daughter and it would be better if Alicia moved on.

Aaron can’t move on from the pain he feels over Jackson’s death. He goes to see the headstone that has been put up on Jackson’s grave then goes straight to the punch-bag, which he batters until his hands are bloody. Pain is all that makes Aaron feel better – and the more pain the better he feels.

Moira doesn’t feel good at all about farmer John’s ambitions and she feels even worse when Holly gives up her job at the factory to help on the farm. John’s happy, though; he’s got another young’un running around after him while he banks on success that looks increasingly unlikely…