*First episode*

Katie and Andy head to The Woolpack for their engagement party, while Robert ignores Victoria’s plea to steer clear of the celebration and tells his fiancée Chrissie that they should show their faces and attempt to build some bridges. Meanwhile, Lawrence tells Chrissie that she should have a pre-nuptial agreement drawn up before marrying Robert, but she refuses. When Robert arrives at the party with Chrissie, Andy makes a quick exit, but as he broods outside, Lawrence approaches him and suggests they join forces to get Robert out of their lives for good…

After waking up with a hangover, Laurel heads to work at the factory where she messes up an order and her day goes from bad to worse when Pc Swirling turns up with the news that she’s being charged with drink-driving!

Amelia’s desperate to get Ali and Ruby back together and decides to do it with poetry. But will a clever use of words be enough to reunite her mum and partner?