Andy rushes to Katie’s aid

Andy knew Henshall was a nasty piece of work – he just didn’t realise how twisted the copper really is. Andy’s desperate to help Katie, but the police have already surrounded Henshall’s home and won’t let Andy anywhere near it. That means Katie’s trapped inside with an increasingly irrational Henshall, who really isn’t happy to see Andy outside. What’s Henshall going to do next? He gets a gun and makes it clear to Katie that he’s prepared to use it…

Charity’s prepared to use her womanly wiles to get a roof over her and Noah’s heads and Jai has no reply when she tells him he should let her and her son stay at Holdgate. Nikhil would have had plenty to say if he’d been there but he wasn’t. He turns up as Charity is moving in and is speechless. Cain sees what’s going on, too, and is furious…

Charity’s not the only one on the move. Rodney has taken pity on Brenda, whose best friend these days is anything with alcohol in it. So Rodney tells Brenda she can stay with him, and Nicola, and Jimmy, and Angelica. Is that such a good idea, Rodders? Nicola certainly doesn’t think so!

*Second episode*

So Henshall’s now armed and very dangerous – but who is he a danger to exactly? He’s got Katie as a hostage, but would he hurt the woman he claims he loves? Katie tells him if he cared about her as much as he says he does then he would let her go and give himself up. But Henshall doesn’t like the sound of that… He doesn’t like the sound of Andy outside, either, calling for Katie to be freed. No, Henshall doesn’t want to let Katie go and the next thing that’s heard is a gunshot!

Nicola and Jimmy fire verbal volleys at each other as the tensions between them erupt. Nicola wants to know why Jimmy doesn’t seem to want her any more, but Jimmy’s not in the mood for a heart to heart. She feels rejected and he feels hen-pecked. With nothing resolved, Jimmy takes some money from the petty cash and says he’s off to do a late run. But is he?

And what’s Derek up to? He seems to be getting very cosy with Lizzie and it makes Lisa sick. If only Lizzie could see him for the low life he really is.