Andy’s arrested for the shooting! (VIDEO)

*Hour-long episode*

After visiting his comatose brother, Andy is arrested for the shooting. As the farmer is taken in for questioning, he’s furious. When the police ask for Sarah’s phone, Debbie’s left wondering if her ex, Andy, tried to kill Robert.

Joanie’s left thinking about her future as Kyle’s carer when her car breaks down. As she’s struggling up a wall to try to get a signal on her mobile, Joanie falls and hurts her leg. When Kyle wakes up having fallen asleep in the car, his gran is nowhere to be seen. Fortunately, Zak drives past and saves the situation from getting any worse.

Belle is falling for Kirin and, at the factory, Lisa clocks it. She wants to know what’s going on and is taken aback when Belle suggests it’s serious. Later, it becomes just that as the pair take their ‘romance’ to the next level.

At Sam’s, Megan wants to get away before her pregnancy becomes too obvious. Sam helps out by telling Leyla that Megan wants to shut their business down. Leyla’s thrown – but she soon has an opportunity to make money another way…