Robert refuses to confirm his affair with Aaron to his stunned siblings. No matter how hard Victoria presses him to open up, Robert just won’t go there. Instead, he decides he’s going to leave the village. When Victoria then gets wind of his plan, she urges Andy to get the truth out of Aaron. But when Andy then recognises Aaron’s number, the penny drops as he remembers it from Katie’s phone – the last number his wife called before she fell to her death at Wylie’s Farm…

Elsewhere, with Pete threatening to go to the police, Ross needs to get rid of his gun – and quick. Taking his son out for a walk, Ross uses baby Moses to try to disguise what he’s up to as he lobs his bag containing the weapon in the river.

Jimmy lands him and Rodney right in it when a man called Marcus comes looking for his aunt’s jewellery, which the pair has sold. Marcus wants the gems back – but is that possible?