Katie struggles to keep up on the orienteering day and she admits to a surprised Donna that she thinks she may be pregnant. An oblivious Andy forges ahead with Jo and they’re soon flirting. Andy tells Jo that he has more in common with her than he does with Katie and he moves in for a kiss.

Jo sticks to her guns and pulls back, saying that although she likes him, she won’t be the ‘other woman’ and she insists that Andy break up with Katie if he wants to be with her.

Kelly is still smarting over Viv’s betrayal by speaking to Billy and Jimmy tries to comfort her. Kelly tries to keep a lid on her anger, but she can’t stop herself when she sees Daz and she tells him that she’s going to kill his dad if he shows his face in the village. Daz is taken aback by Kelly’s words and asks Jack what’s going on. Jack confronts Viv and is horrified when she admits that Billy is planning a visit.

David is determined to poach Betty from Laurel and continues his charm offensive to win her over. Betty finally cracks when she can’t resist his generous wage offer and Laurel is furious when she finds out. Laurel angrily confronts David to find out what he’s up to and is stunned when he offers her a job, too!