Andy spikes Maddy’s drink

At the beach party, Maddy and Josh make up. However, Andy isn’t happy and slips some drugs in a water bottle, which he offers to Maddy. After drinking it, Maddy starts acting up upsetting Josh. Later, Josh figures out that Andy spiked her drink and Andy asks him not to tell.

Maddy wakes up with Josh on the beach and he tells her that ‘someone’ spiked her drink. Maddy soon realises it was Andy who spiked her. When she confronts him, Andy tells her that she and Josh don’t belong together and he was just trying to show them that. Josh steps in, telling her that Andy is sorry and Maddy realises that Josh knew all along. She storms off and Josh punches Andy.

Oscar continues to be worried that Evelyn is getting involved with Matt. When Zac tells him to let Evelyn live her own life, it back fires when Oscar tells Evie that she’s on her own. At the party, Matt tries to kiss her but Evelyn pulls back. Matt dances with Maddy instead and Evelyn leaves. The next morning, Oscar makes up with Evelyn.

Hannah invites Nate to have dinner at her place but Zac starts acting like a jealous boyfriend. After Nate leaves, Hannah confronts Zac, who admits he still has feelings for her.

Roo returns from visiting Lottie and Jett let’s slip that Marilyn and John are a couple.