Andy stands up for his daughter

Cameron enjoys being the main man in Debbie’s life, but Andy’s not going to let him have that position in his daughter Sarah’s life. How can he be there for Sarah, though, when he’s moving to Spain with Alicia? There’s no getting around it, Andy has to tell Alicia that he can’t move to Spain while Sarah needs him in Emmerdale.

There’s not a lot coming out of Ella’s mouth that anyone wants to hear… She’s a loose cannon and her pot shots are hitting Jai. Desperate for attention Ella makes a pass at Jai but he knocks her back. That hurts and, wanting to hurt Jai, Ella tells Cain she’s been sleeping with Jai while Charity’s been away. Liar! But Ella knows Cain won’t be able to resist mentioning it to Charity.

Val and Pollard can’t help but be suspicious of Amy. They see her talking on the phone and think she’s up to no good. But she’s actually having a war of words with Jared. And then there’s Cain; he wants to make sure Amy’s ready for her appointment at the abortion clinic. Amy could really use Val and Pollard’s support now. It’s a pity, then, that they just don’t trust her any more.