Andy tells Alicia that Debbie’s his partner!

Not sure how long Andy and Debbie thought they could pretend to be a couple without Alicia and Cameron knowing about it but, as it turns out, not for long… Alicia had been determined to be Andy’s rock through Sarah’s illness, but she starts to crumble when he tells her the whole truth about the plan to save Sarah, how he’s going to have to pretend to be Debbie’s partner. She’s not the only one struggling with Debbie’s plan, either; Charity and Chas are (almost) speechless when they hear about it.

Gennie’s back from her course and Nikhil wants a word with her about what he saw Nicky doing in the pub with another woman. He starts in on Nicky in the pub, but Gennie won’t hear a word against her man, especially as he’s just given her a necklace. Nikhil tries to talk to Gennie at the office, but Jai interrupts. Nikhil’s a man on a mission, though…

Charity’s got a new mission, too: she has to impress Jai’s parents who, he tells her, are coming – tomorrow! Thanks for the warning, Jai! Just what a bride-to-be doesn’t want: a visit from the future in-laws with less than 24 hours’ notice!