Debbie agrees to let Andy see Sarah and Cain is incredulous. Diane chaperones father and daughter and Andy is over the moon to see Sarah, but he panics when Diane is called to help behind the bar and he breaks down in tears. Sarah is terrified and she’s relieved when Debbie comes to pick her up. Debbie is furious with Diane for not keeping an eye on them.

Bob is nervous when Terry warns him that Viv knows something is up. Bob takes Viv and the twins on a picnic to try to distract her, but Viv insists on badgering over whether he’s had an affair. Bob blanches as he assures her that he’s not even looked at another woman. Viv and Bob enjoy looking after the twins and their old spark returns and Viv apologises to Bob for ever doubting him.

Nicola is unenthusiastic when Jimmy thinks she should think of another birthing partner in the event that he won’t be able to make it. Nicola reluctantly asks Laurel to be her second and Laurel agrees. Jimmy, however, is determined to plan the birth to the last letter and forces Laurel and Ashley to a meeting of ‘team Nicola’!