Andy wants to cop off with Katie

Andy’s desperate for a heart-to-heart with Katie, to tell her how he feels and how DC Henshall isn’t really much cop, but all he can do is watch as the woman he wants bats her baby blues at the cop she clearly finds arresting. Katie’s not happy about Andy’s undivided attention and tells him, but that doesn’t put Andy off… There’s a war of words between him and Henshall outside Katie’s cottage. Katie tells her copper she’ll put Andy in his place – but Henshall’s not likely to be happy to let a woman do his talking. Careful, Andy.

Marlon is desperate for a heart-to-heart with Rhona about their baby, but all Rhona wants to hear is that it doesn’t have Down’s syndrome. Marlon says he’s sorry he hasn’t been there for her, but he will be from now on, not that Rhona’s comforted by that. Waiting for the test results that will confirm her baby’s condition one way or another, Rhona tells Marlon that what happens with their baby is her decision.

Chas has a heart-to-heart with Charity, who doesn’t like what she hears. Chas thinks maybe she will marry Carl after all. What???

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