Andy warns Victoria to steer clear of Aaron

Chas has a word with Aaron when she notices that he and Victoria seem to be getting very close. Chas is satisfied with Aaron’s explanation, but Andy and Daz are not feeling so reassured. Andy lectures Victoria about the danger of getting close to the Dingles. Daz seems to be jealous, which pleases Victoria.

Maisie agrees to help Val persuade Diane that she’s too old and tired to run the pub. Maisie plays dirty when she makes Diane a drink containing some crushed medication to make her feel off-colour. Val accidentally drinks the tea and conks out on the sofa. Maisie is horrified that she may have killed her boss and chucks a vase of water in her face. Val wakes with a start and an unwitting Diane thinks it’s hilarious.

Lexi is left with a sour taste in her mouth when Carl mentions that the wedding is way down his list of priorities. She decides to plough on with the preparations without him. Her wish list is far too extravagant and she’s forced to re-evaluate her expectations. Lexi gets the costs down to three grand after buying many of the wedding things in an online auction.

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